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Vinegar mixed in pretzel dough?

April 10, 2013 - 4:59pm -- michaelreeves

Hi all,


I've been scouring the internet and books trying to find, what I'd call "trade secrets" of pretzel making. The basic properties of the pretzel taste is about contrast in pH. Which, is why a strong alkalie solution is used to dip the pretzels, imparting its wonderful flavor on the crust, so it will act in contrast with an acidic crumb taste.


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I made these the other day and they were gone in minutes. I went to a restaurant called Bar Louie and ordered these and said, "I have to make these". I already love pretzels, so why not?

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Perfecting My Pretzel, Critique Please!

October 20, 2012 - 7:08am -- RebelBakingCompany

My recipe has turned into a mass combination of dozens of others, which I've experimented with over the years. Truthfully, I think they are delicious. But there may be room for improvement. I have never been able to figure out ratios and I think I may be using too much or too little of some ingredients...while adding others that provide little 'function' at all. Feedback?

4.5 c. bread flour

1.75 tsp salt

1.5 T brown sugar (should I use malt powder instead?)

2 tsp. instant yeast (recently started using 1 pkg. of active dry)

1.5 c. warm water

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We have been eating lunch well the last day or two with our last Pretzel Roll bake for sandwiches - P and J and Baja Grilled Chicken with Grilled Veggies.  The J is caramelized Minneola Marmalade.  There is part of a croissant, some nice red pepper hummus, cucumber salad and fruits and veggies of all kinds.  All very healthy and my assistant cleaned herself up for a photo with her new bow!

Baja Grilled Chicken, squash and eggplant and some new Kosher Dill Pickles - Medium Hot. 

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Juergen Krauss

Happy New Year to everyone!

Around my native town Freiburg in south-west Germany we have thae habit to eat some huge and elaborately decoreted brezels made of sweet dough for breakfast on New Year's Day. (Usually they are made by professional bakers.)

I made  some of them in the past, here some impressions from this year's bake.

A little mouse made by my wife, peeking into the future:


The somewhat more conventional Neujahrs-Brezel I made:

I used DiMuzio's sweet challah dough - I love to work with it, and it comes pretty close to what bakers use for these brezels in Germany.

The problem with making these is worktop space - the strand for a 600g brezel is about 1.3 metres long!

Best Wishes,



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In honor of National Pretzel Day in the US (yesterday):

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Pretzels - Which pan to use?

April 22, 2011 - 10:08am -- purplepig


One of my favorite recipes I have found here is

However, I am not satified with using a cookie sheet to bake these. The bottoms sometims stick or come out improperly cooked. I was thinking of switching to a pizza screen or perforated baking sheet. Any suggestions?

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I found a great pretzel recipe here by Floydm The crumb was crunchy and the real bread was chewy. Again, This is a great pretzel recipe and I recommend every one to try it. Thank you Floydm.

I also converted the measurements to grams. Find the conversions below.

      1 tsp Active dry yeast ( 3g)  The yeast ran out, it was actually less 1 tsp.

      1 tbsp malt powder (12 g)

      2-3 cups of King Arthur bread flour (351g = 2cups+25 grams).

      1 tsp salt ( 6g)

      1 cup of warm milk ( one minute in microwave) (240g)


Cold baking soda method :

         Happy baking,       



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