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potato water

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Potato in Overnight No Knead Bread

November 27, 2011 - 11:06am -- cksearle

My grandmother had a wonderful wholegrain toasting bread my family all loved... she is no longer with us, so we have been trying to "get it right" for years.  I had some success by using Jim Lahey's overnight method, but her recipe uses mashed potato and potato water and I was wondering if that would be ok (food safety wise) for an overnight room temperature ferment.  

I know some people use dried potato flakes, but I would prefer to use the fresh potato if possible.  

Thanks in advance for any wisdom on this!

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Pasta water in breadmaking

May 20, 2009 - 12:02pm -- Edthebread

HI everyone

I've had nice results making bread with water from cooked potatoes, but we don't cook potatoes too often.  I was wondering if water from cooking pasta would achieve the same effect.  Both seem to be a similar 'carbo soup' kind of concoction, and there is always a lot of pasta water left.  Anybody have experience with this?



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I wanted to make dill bread so used Floyd’s wonderful recipe for Potato Rosemary Rolls yesterday but replaced the rosemary and sage for a huge pile of fresh baby dill.  Then I added another huge pile of freshly ground black Tellicherry pepper.  We really like things spicy but I was afraid the amount of pepper I used would overpower the dill.  Not having made dill bread before (Tingull's looks so good) I also wanted to try using fresh dill to get a feel for the amount desired.  I ended up using 2 1/2 teaspoons of freshly ground pepper and roughly 4 packed tablespoons of chopped fresh baby dill.  The flavor was outstanding.  My husband loved them!

I really love the way these taste not only because of the potato and potato water, which also helps them keep longer, but just the richness of the dough and texture when you bite into it.  It has a kind of chewiness to the crust but still moist and the crumb is great for juicy hamburgers.  We did have grilled ground sirloin burgers with fresh chopped garlic mixed into the meat and grilled sliced Vidalia onions.  It made a fabulous hamburger. 

Besides adding quite a bit of extra pepper and substituting fresh dill instead of rosemary and sage I didn't make any other change to Floyd's recipe.  I did brush the top of the buns with unsalted butter when they were hot from the oven. 

Inspired by Floyd's, Potato Rosemary Rolls:

And Tingull's, Country Dill Bread:

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