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Poppy Horns

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ITJB Round 2 Week 12 - Salt Sticks and Poppy Horns, pg. 116

July 16, 2012 - 8:57am -- gmagmabaking2

We 3 sisters baked together again on Saturday the 14th.. We had never made Salt Sticks or Poppy Horns... but are great fans of the Vienna bread doughs.  We all mixed it up baking together. Helen (gmabaking2), made the whole dough into nice large salt sticks and poppy horns as instructed in ITJB. I (gmagmabaking2) made one loaf of Vienna Bread and one dozen small horns and sticks. Barb (gmabaking), made the dough into hotdog buns, hamburger buns, and the sticks and horns. 

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