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Poor Bread Rising

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I am very new to baking bread.  The first 2 loaves I made was great!  Looked good and tasted good too.  Then things went downhill.  Is it possible to left it rise too much the first time and that effecting the second rise?  I'm making white loaf bread.
When I made it again it rose beautifully the first time but not the second.  Instead of letting the dough determine the rising time I've been using the suggested time in the recipe.  Is that the wrong approach?



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Poor Rising

April 8, 2008 - 6:45am -- sandstone

I need help! Ongoingly I am having difficulty getting my bread to rise nicely. What are common problems leading to an underwhelming rising of my bread? I get NO spring when I put it in the oven. And, over-all, the loaves just don't rise like they are supposed to. Am I deflating too much? (I've tried the stretch and fold) What are common solutions to try for this problem. I'm getting ready to give up on Bread baking. Help!

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