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Poolish Help

July 12, 2011 - 10:39am -- mark d

I am about to open a BBQ house and i want to make my own buns and i am not a baker.

I have made many poolishes but have yet to make one with flavor. I have read every thing i can about them.Do you leave it at room tem. over night, put it in the fridge or both. I get strong smells and bad flavor.

?? poolish set temp. ??large bubbles small bubbles??double in size tripple in size?? 4 hours, 12-16 hours, over night,days??

For the poolish

5 oz. Knoxbridge prem. high gluten (14.2% protein, .52% ash. non bromated, no malt,    yes on ascorbic acid and folic acid)

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