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May 31, 2012 - 3:16pm -- Breadandwine

Hi folks

I currently have a Polish family on my Family Learning course and I wanted to make pierogi with them in the last session - tomorrow morning.

I've previously avoided stuffed dumplings, preferring bread with a crust. However, I had a practice this morning with my special needs group and thought they were terrific.

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ITJB Week 6: Polish Potato Bread (1/7/12 - 1/14/12)

January 8, 2012 - 6:01pm -- Urchina

After the excesses of the  holidays, something warm and comforting and thrifty like soup and bread sounds like a great dinner. We've had soup probably four times since the New Year already, and have a wonderful lineup for the next couple of weeks, as all of my cooking magazines seem to have taken soup as their mantra for January and February issues.

Ok, back to the bread. This just looked good. And I promise, promise, promise that I am going to improve upon my (as-of-now) deplorable batting average and actually post on this one!

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 Silesian Light Rye 1

Silesian Light Rye 1

Leader's "Local Bread" has three formulas for Polish ryes. I have made the Silesian Dark Rye once and the Polish Cottaqe Rye many times. Today, I made the Silesian Light Rye for the first time.

Leader describes these "glossy golden loaves" as having "a delicate rye flavor, a spongy crumb, and a thin, chewy crust." That about sums it up. This rye bread is the farthest you can get from a dense, super-sour, dark german rye. But then, it only has about 100 gms of light rye flour to 500 gms of bread flour. The chew and taste are light even compared to a French levain with a bit of rye flour in the dough. It is more like a (extraordinarily good) sandwich bread. The crust gets very soft, and it is thin yet chewy. The whole loaf feels light and spongy. 

I expect it will make lovely toast tomorrow morning to eat with my usual homemade almond butter and apricot jam or marmelade. I also think it would be great for a tuna or egg salad sandwich. I'd want a more substantial rye for corned beef, myself.

silesian Light Rye CrumbSilesian Light Rye Crumb


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Leader's Polish Cottage Rye

October 14, 2007 - 12:13pm -- dmsnyder

Yesterday, I baked the Polish Cottage Rye from Daniel Leader's "Local Breads." It is, as described, a very wet dough. Forming the boule was more like folding and pinching seams than my usual rotating and tucking procedure. In any case, the resulting bread was pretty. It was delicious 3 hours out of the oven - very moist and tender with distinct sweet and sour overtones. This morning, toasted with butter and apple butter, the rye flavor was more prominant.




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