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Bench Res Covers?

November 29, 2012 - 1:27pm -- MNBäcker

Hi, All.

Quick question: what do you use when you need to let your dough rest on the bench for a while? I've used floursack towels, but don't like how they dry out the dough. I will scale and round my loaves, then let them rest for 10-20 minutes. During that time, it would really be best if they're covered, but I don't want to have to deal with plastic sheets (they'd have to be food-safe, anyway).

Is there a better fabric available that would keep the dough moist, not stick and be easy to handle and store?

Thanks in advance,


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Large plastic tub source?

June 6, 2012 - 2:32pm -- MNBäcker

Does anybody have a good source for food-grade plastic tubs or bins? I'm looking for something that will hold at least 10 Gallons, maybe up to 15. Ideally round with rather large diameter (for easier dumping of the dough), Rectangular would also work. My two options locally are 50 bucks for an 18x24x9 inch tall rectangular tub (+ 15 bucks for a lid), or a 10-Gallon Rubbermaid trash can for 20 bucks (and a few more bucks for the lid).

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Retarding shaped loaves - container and equipment concerns

November 21, 2011 - 8:02pm -- ssg

Does anyone have any experience retarding shaped loaves in a temperature-controlled fridge? I have a theory that an second-hand fridge, maintained at 10-12C, will allow me to retard 36 loaves. I've been considering deep plastic pizza dough boxes to hold the brotforms, but I'm concerned that these may not allow sufficiently rapid cooling of the dough. Does anyone have any experience? Educated guesses? Better suggestions?

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Storing Bread

August 4, 2010 - 5:53pm -- jowilchek

I make bread weekly, but having a problem storing it. We don't mind the fact it gets a wee bit stale, we use it only for toast after the third day. But what is the best way to store homemade breads, sourdoughs, artisian, and plain old white sandwich breads? I have a plastic bread box that seals air tight, also my antique oak bakers hoosier cabinet has a bread drawer with tin lid (with holes punched in the tin).
How do you store your left over breads?
Love all the information on this site and everyone is so helpfull!!

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Most of us make more bread than we can eat.  And hey, why not when it's takes just as long to clean up after making 2 loaves as it does after making 4 loaves.  Anyway, for those of you who give away (or sell) your extras, these bags might be of interest.  I use them for our bakery packaging because they keep things crisp and allow me to package the loaves while they're still warm.  Plus, as you can see, they enable the customer to pick up the loaves and see them from top to bottom.   I print the labels on a single color laser printer (no smudging), which makes them easy to edit.  The ingredient labels on the back are standard name tag size, the main labels on the front are slightly larger.  I use brown ones for the bread and silver ones for the pastries.  

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