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We finally got our hands on some mozzarella di bufala when we visited a Whole Foods Market in Ann Arbor, MI this last weekend. The olives were yummy as well and from the "olive bar" at WFM. Can't wait to make these in the new brick oven!

Bufala Pizza 1

This one is just a variation, with pesto as the sauce instead.

Bufala Pizza 2

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Dessert pizza

February 13, 2006 - 11:54am -- kathym

Hi, I've been playing around with dessert pizza for a while and I would like to share this recipe with anyone with a "sweet tooth" like mine. I use the recipe for pizza dough featured on this site (we seem to like the sweet pizza to have a thicker crust than regular pizza) The dough is prepared as usual. For the base topping, I mix (electric mixer) aprox. three ounces of cream cheese with 1 1/2 ? ? cups of powdered sugar. I usually thin this with a little milk to make it spread easily on the crust. Once this is on the crust, I top with chocolate syrup, just drizzle it around the crust. Then drizzle caramel syrup around the crust.

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SuperPeel demo

February 11, 2006 - 9:52pm -- Nita

I found this site surfing the web to learn about pizza and bread baking. I never realized there would be a problem transferring a pizza to a hot stone without destroying the shape and splattering it like road-kill all over my clean oven. Corn meal was not working either. Not to mention how many times I have seared my knuckles on burner-elements or caught my long hair in the oven door...*sigh*...yes I am cursedly clumsy, to all you who are blessed with a flour-thumb. Reading through the posts I found Pizzameister's advice on a SuperPeel and to check out the videos demonstrating its use. Further intriqued, I checked Cooks Illustrated on line to see if they had a review and sure enough here's their last paragragh:

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My first pizza was a success, what a disaster! It seems an oxymoron. Success on the first try? How can that be bad? I’m concerned that I may have jinxed myself, that all further attempts at pizza dough may now be futile. Of course, I still keep trying, recreating, revamping and otherwise attempting to improve both on my skills and the recipes I find. Of course, sometimes I screw up, but usually I have something edible.

Pizza is one of my favorite foods. If I were to live on two things for the rest of my life it would be chili and pizza, of course, I do request the ability to make endless permutations of each! This recipe was collected with others from the internet (thanks be to Google). Unfortunately, I can no longer find the website so I will consider it a serendipitous event…something I needed just then, and there it was.

The recipe yields only one 10

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Homemade pizza is a major comfort food for my husband and me, and we really need it today. The holidays are wonderful and all, but sometimes they come with a little too much family strife. The family politics this year are pretty bad, and we're both getting down about it. So I decided a little dough-kneading and cheesy wonderfulness was in order. My pizza dough is rising right now. I started making my own crust several months ago, after I finally got sick of the cardboardy taste of those prepackaged "just-add-water" mixes. My basic recipe is from AllRecipes.Com, but I tweaked it a lot over the number of times I've made it, so it's turned out better each time. It's very similar to the recipe in the "Pizza Primer" on this site, although from looking at that recipe it looks like mine makes half as much dough. As it is, mine makes 2 large pizzas with thicker, chewy crusts, or 4 small thin and crispy pizzas. I do wish I had a peel and a stone to cook it with, though. I just stretch the dough to fit my cookie sheets, so sometimes the bottom of the crust cookes a smidge unevenly.

I think tomorrow I will try the bagel recipe from this site...I LOVE bagels, but always thought they would be ridiculously hard to make (frankly, it was the boiling that always scared me a little). After reading through the Bagel recipe, I think I could probably make a decent batch tomorrow. My husband, a fan of "everything" bagels, would flip out if I figured out how to make a decent bagel from scratch. They are so expensive in the stores around here! To me, there are few things quite as wonderful as a toasty bagel with a little cream cheese and a cup of coffee in the morning. Or any time of day, really.

Anyone have an idea how long homemade bagels will stay fresh? I thought it would be nice to send my mom some homemade bagels for Christmas. Suggestions for wrapping/packaging them? I wanted to bake her something homemade as a gift this year, but she really watches her eating and avoids sugary things, so I didn't really want to make her cookies, fruitcake, or banana bread. Anyone ever tried mailing homemade bagels?

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With my exams over, i just had to test the BBA's pizza recipe method.
I made Pizza Magherita but with Romano and Mimolette cheese . I guess mimolette isn't a good melter, as u can see the lil orange bits.

Image hosted by

Also, dough hydration was way too high to toss. Just had to fold it and press it down on the pan.

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Years ago. I was invited to a Italian friends home. His wife fixed several pizza's including a pastry that had a sweet, creamy flavor. Does anyone know the recipe?

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Grilled Pizza

May 27, 2005 - 9:41am -- Floydm

It is Memorial Day weekend in the US, which is the official kick off of barbeque season. And that means it is time to pull out the barbecue to make grilled pizza!

"Grilled pizza?!?," you say. "Are you out of your mind?!?"

No, actually, grilled pizza is wonderful and great fun to prepare. And, let me tell you, the looks your friends and loved ones give you the first time you walk out to the barbecue with a large gob of dough in your hand is priceless.

Click "Read More" for the low down.


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