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When in Connecticut

October 28, 2008 - 12:40pm -- Soundman

I did a search of TFL and there is no record I can find of anyone ever posting about the fantastic pizza available in Connecticut, specifically in my home city of New Haven.

I suspect, therefore, that the TFL pizza-lovers out there (who eat restaurant-baked pizza) won't know that our small city is famous, around these parts anyway, for pizza, or as it is often written and spoken, "apizza."

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This week I am going to be a baking fool! I have some time and I have been behind so I am going ro catch up granted,nothing earth shattering should appear as usual. I wanted to start out the week with some pizza dough from Crust & Crumb and I am leaning towards Pizza II. I will say it is better with about 72 hours in the fridge utillizing a slow rise. PR says it should hold about 48 hours but mine is doing well after 72 hours (much more taste and great texture). My fresh ingredients are slowing down in  the garden but I still have plenty herbs. Today the list is Pepperoni (not from the garden), Mr. Stripey Tomato slices, Better Boy Red Tomato puree, Genovese Basil, Thai Basil, Fresh Mozeralla, Calamata Olives, Fresh Thyme, Oregano, Vidalia Onion and my favorite, Honey Roasted Garlic. Turned out quite nice and the crust was delicious!

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Burnt on the Bottom

July 28, 2008 - 10:44am -- nlavon

Last night, I made some homemade pizza using a Weber gas grill, too hot to use the oven in the house. I cobbled together a French bread recipe from Uncle John's Bread Book (the crusty french bread recipe on p.112 if you have the book), a You Tube video about putting the pan higher up in the gas grill and some advice here.

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Accommodations to High Gluten Flour

June 4, 2008 - 4:57am -- nlavon

I posted some time ago about trying to find high gluten flour for baking.

I finally found some in the Washington, D.C. area where I live--Costco sells Kyrol flour in 25 pound sacks but a local Amish market sells what it calls "Kyrol Flour" in 7.5 pound bags which is much more reasonable in my household.

I googled "Kyrol flour" and it seemed to be the high gluten flour that is on sale in 25-pound quantities. At any rate, I want to use it in a basic pizza recipe; what accommodations need to be made for using high gluten flour instead of all purpose in a pizza recipe?

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Looking for a Deep Dish Pizza Pan

May 31, 2008 - 7:15pm -- Doughboy

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a good pizza pan for deep dish. I'm not sure about size so let me know anything. I've tried to find a cast iron for their wonderful radiance of heat but those do not seem to be available. The next best guess I have is one of the heavy 16-gauge alluminum pans. Let me know what has worked for you, brands, and places to buy from. Thank you very much!


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I grew up in the chicago area, and a staple in college was the deep dish stuffed pizza. Now I live elsewhere, and it's harder to find. Plus, the whole challenge of making your own is hard to resist. I've been happy enough with varios thin crust pizzas, but the other day on a whim searched on recipezaar for the ubiquitous stuffed pizza.... and I found it!

The main thing I didn't know was the order of ingredients and crust. Here it was---crust, fillings (cheese plus "toppings") followed by another crust, and topped with the sauce. It really works. Since then I've played around with crusts. I've been happiest so far with the BBA pizza napolean crust, which is thin and stretchy. I use a bit of WW flour for flavor/color/nutrition. I've found about 10-11 ounces for the bottom crust, and 5-6 for the top is about right. I'm using my cast iron skillet for the pan, which is a little smaller than the original recipe calls for, but works just great. I'm lucky to still have homemade home grown sauce from last summer, which helps a lot :)

I've been debating whether to prick the top crust or not--tonight I didn't and got a BIG bubble, so I think I'd recommend it.  This week was just pepperoni/mushroom, but I can vouch for the spinach as well--it's very good and seemed to make for a fuller filling after baking.  Tonight's was a bit thinner but tasty anyway...





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