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pizza dough

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Nury's Light Rye dough as pizza. MiniO?

June 24, 2008 - 8:45pm -- dmsnyder

MiniO. If you are looking in ... I plan on using Nury's rye dough for pizza. If I recall correctly, you have done this. Any tips?

Did you toss, stretch on the bench or roll it out? I assume you stretched, topped and baked immediately. I also assume you made your pizza after the overnight cold fermentation.



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bread discs
The other day when I made grissini, I used part of the dough to make Susan's (Wild Yeast) Tortas de Aceite (Olive Oil Wafers). They may not look quite as nice as Susan's but I have a feeling that we like them as much as she does. I made ours with fennel seeds (didn't have anise seeds) and Pernod, which I'm guessing amounts to the same thing as "anise liqueur". Wow! These discs are fantastic! They are easy to burn though... But if they aren't burned, they are light and crisp, with a lovely hint of licorice flavour. (And I don't even LIKE licorice....) They're wonderful on their own or with cheese. They are the perfect thing to serve after dinner! They're also good with soup for lunch or great with coffee for elevenses. Frankly, even the darker ones were delicious. Thank you once again, Susan! We'll be making these often!
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Oops! Forgot the salt

August 21, 2007 - 10:08pm -- KipperCat

Today I took my large amount of accumulated starter out of the fridge, and made pizza dough with it. I rolled out one for tonight's dinner, and put 4 balls in the fridge. It was only as I rolled out the first one that I realized I hadn't added salt to the dough. I added extra salt to the sauce and salted the baked pizza as well. All things considered, it wasn't too bad. But I'd like to get the salt in the dough for the remaining ones. Any suggestions?


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