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bailey and bread

The formula:

300 g firm starter

620 g water

750 g unbleached AP flour (530 g Morbread 12% protein, and 200 g Whole Food AP)

100 g wheat bran

23 g salt

The technique was similar to the San Joaquin Sourdough posted on Fresh Loaf


Submitted to Wild Yeast's Yeast Spotting:


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Sourdough rye bread

July 8, 2008 - 1:58pm -- wadam

I've been making this bread for about two weeks now, and I am more pleased than I can say.  It's an original recipe, and it didn't come out quite as expected, but nonetheless, I think it is the best bread that I have ever made.  It is thick-crusted, but the crust is kind of soft and chewy like a ciabatta; and the crumb, while very open, is also moist.  And did I mention that it's sour?  It is almost certainly the sourest bread that I've had since I left the bay area five years ago.


Here's a pic:


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