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Peter Reinhart's artisan breads every day

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Crust very thin and quite soft on SF Sourdough from Reinhart's Artisian Breads Every Day - suggestions or alternative recipes?

August 14, 2012 - 8:41pm -- Hank Gurdjieff

I was starting to post this and decided to search more before asking. Seems this was covered in the past in the following thread a while back:

The OP in that thread had exactly the same issue with the same recipe: thin, soft crust. Anyone try this recipe and get a thicker, crisp and crackly crust?

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wayne on FLUKE

I recently purchased Peter Reinhart's artisan breads every day. I have been kneading by hand and wanted to try the minimal mixing, overnight cold ferment sytle recipes he provides to see what kind of rise/crumb structure I could get. We were having company for dinner last night whose diet required only whole wheat bread so I decided to make a half batch of each of the Lean Bread and 100% WW Hearth Bread. I had never made a 100% WW.

Since I can never seem to keep the variables to a minimum, here are some of the things I did different from my usual style in addition to the new recipes. We are not on the boat so I baked in a real oven that will preheat to 550 as recommended. I used quarry tiles and parchment paper and a metal baking pan for steam. I also used KA White Whole Wheat flour for the first time. I also decided to try some new shapes. I made a WW boule (inpired by David's shaping help) that I proofed in a towel lined 8" plastic bowl and decided to try some rolls for part of the Lean Bread. I made two 75 gram knotted rolls (fake Kaiser shape) and a couple of 100 gram Faux Braids (from Ciril Hitz, Baking Artisan Bread). The shaping of the Lean Bread rolls was tough because the dough was very sticky, but I stuck with it :-)

Here are the results:

Lean Bread (dusted with semolina flour)

Lean Bread

100% Whole Wheat Hearth Bread, I like the shape on the boule.

100% Whole Wheat Hearth Bread

Crumb Shot for Lean Bread. I was pretty happy with this, critiques welcome.

Lean Bread Crumb

100% Whole Wheat crumb. Is this what it should look like??

100% Whole Wheat Crumb Shot

The other big question is always taste. The lean bread was good after warming/crisping in oven before eating with pasta. The rolls were OK, a little chewy for tuna sandwhiches.

The whole wheat has a nice flavor. My wife even liked it and she doesn't like much WW. It is heavier than the white, but I assume that is to be expected. Maybe will try a variation with seeds and multigrain.

Any and all comments welcome, especially suggestions to improve.



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