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Sandwich pans

February 23, 2010 - 8:13am -- Andrew S


I am trying to find "proper" sandwich pans, the type with a lid that produce a square loaf.  While I am on the subject, if it does not have a lid, it is called tin bread and not sanswich. 

ironically, I used to be a bakery lecturer and we had dozens of these in use all the time.  Cant find one for love nor money now though!

Any ideas would be much apprecieated.

Many thanks,


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Pans/forms for Brioche

March 21, 2008 - 7:15am -- mariajef

i'm making brioche for the first time, and since i don't have the classic brioche forms but wish to make my brioche in small sizes, am wondering what other people use in this regard.


i have a classic pannettone form which is ideal for a very large brioche, and i have other large forms, but want smaller brioche.  wondering if my cermamic individually sized creme brullee forms would work for brioche.





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(This is a continuation of a discussion started here.)

I was starting to feel guilty hijacking weaverhouse's beautiful sourdough thread, xma, so I thought we could step over here. I agree about the potential for pan size--fantes carries a couple types of $7 7x I think 9 cookie sheet, you might take a look at that. I quite like their selection and service, I use them often when I want kitcheny stuff. I've just started baking my rounds on seperate sheets, a 12" pizza pan and my 10" cast iron griddle. It's working well for just the two, and there's still enough room to pop a bowl over them if I want.

The fresh loaf is so terrific--Asian, huh? and tiny? Well, me too, 5'1" right after a good stretch. I saw a movie (all right, I admit. Shaolin Soccer, it was) where an Asian, Chinese in this case, steamed bun featured somewhat prominently in the script. The bun was a kneaded white bread sort of thing, it looked delicious, though as you say, who connects bread with Asia?

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