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Organic Bread

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Greetings from Northern California and Happy New Year! 

This is my very first post to The Fresh Loaf.  Just a few photos of this year's first batch of Organic Pumpkin Seed bread.  Three loaves were made - one fully baked in 2011, the next put in the oven in 2011 and pulled out in 2012 and the final loaf fully baked in the new year.  Call me sentimental.

I've been working on the formula for quite some time.  Three organic flours: unbleached white (from the fine folks at Central Milling), rye (8%) and whole wheat (8%; from the fine folks at Massa Organics in Hamilton City, CA).  Organic rye starter and seeds (pumkin, sunflower and sesame).  683g of dough per boule.  Bulk fermented for 6 hours at 65F and 10 hour rise at approximately 67F.




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