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old dough

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using up "old dough"

April 19, 2009 - 7:31pm -- flour-girl

Hi --

You guys were so helpful in sharing ideas for using "leftover" sourdough starter (so far, I've made the English muffins and that wonderful banana bread, which was DEVOURED here, by the way ...). So, I wanted to return the favor and share this yummy sandwich bread I made today that also calls for "leftovers." The recipe, from Rose Levy Beranbaum,  uses "old dough," which I had in the fridge from some English muffins the other day.

It turns out a very flavorful, sturdy 50-percent wheat bread that's great for sandwiches.

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OK so I decided to try this recipe from The Village Baker, which was the real reason I made plain ol' baguettes the other day. It calls for either whole wheat or rye flour or both in the recipe, but I had some KA organic whole wheat lying around so I just used that.

Pain De Campagne


So I first got the yeast going and then I cut my piece of old dough up into little chunks.




I mixed the two together and then added the flour and put it on the mixer. After a 20 minute autolyse I added the salt and mixed it for about 8 minutes, then I rolled it out and folded it on the bench for a while followed by an hour first rising, then a punch, then another hour. Here it is after the second rising.

Bowl 1


Then I flattened out all of the air and shaped it into a boule!




I have no round baskets, so I improvised as I do so often when baking at home. This is just a small mixing bowl with dinner napkin liner.

not a basket


After two hours of proof time we were finally ready to go!



In my ongoing quest to keep my crappy oven hot, I preheated the big pot that I use as a cover along with the oven. I kept it pegged at 550 degrees for an hour before I put the bread in. This is a very hot oven temperature to be working with in a conventional kitchen, if you try these methods, please be careful! I quickly off loaded the boule onto the stone and then gently put the cover on. Then I closed the oven quickly, turned it down to 450; after ten minutes I removed the cover and finished it off.



Once it was at the desired color I shut the oven off and let the boule sit in there for five minutes to crisp up a bit.



And now for the glamour shots. The taste was just lovely, overall I am quite happy with my two day adventure!





I guess I'll make some sourdough next!


Happy Baking!!!


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"old dough" rye starter

April 28, 2008 - 2:25am -- Windischgirl

I am looking for info on an unusual rye "old dough" 75 yo dad (born in Hungary/Slovenia) recalls his mom starting her rye breads with a hunk of old dough that was permitted to dry out.  A day or two before she was ready to bake, she would crumble this dried dough into water and once it started to form a "sponge" she was ready to bake.

I will have to check with him if the bread was 100% rye, but I suspect so...they were poor and wheat was hard to come by.


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