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Nourishing Traditions

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First time question about Nourishing Traditions Sourdough Starter

February 2, 2010 - 10:09pm -- aclovell

I realize I probably need to toss what I did today and start over.


But before I do, I thought I would check with this group.


I was trying to make the starter from Nourishing Traditions.  On the first day, she wants you to grind 2 C. of rye flour, which I did.  However, I ground 2 C. of rye, which made a lot more than 2 C. of flour.  I used it anyway (so I'm actually not sure how much flour I used, maybe 4 C?), and instead of addingthe 2 C. of water called for, I ended up using 4 C. to make it "soupy" as she described.

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