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This is a bit of a tease. I can't share the recipe for these bagels, because the recipe is from a yet to be published book for which I'm one of the recipe testers. But they were so beautiful and so delicious, I just can't not at least share some photos.

Kraków (twisted) Bagels 

Crumb (coronal section)

Crumb (transverse section)

Bagels after overnight cold retardation and before boiling

Special equipment for boiling bagels: Wide pot and slotted spatula

Other special equipment for boiling bagels: Cappuccino (enhances baker's attention to procedures)

Sesame and poppy seeds for topping the bagels

This is a real bagel!

The crust is crisp. The crumb is very chewy. The flavor is delicious. What's not to like? Guaranteed to elicit comments from bagel cognoscenti (That's Italian for "mavens.") like, "I haven't had a bagel like this since .... " (with tears in their eyes).

I apologize for not being able to share the recipe at this time. You'll just have to watch out for the book about New York Jewish bakeries and baking by Norm Berg and Stan Ginsburg when it's published.


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NYBakers/Norm's Book - Recipe Tests

May 29, 2010 - 2:15pm -- dmsnyder

Those of us who have volunteered to test recipes for Norm's book have received our first recipes. We have been asked to not share the recipes, naturally, but Stan has told me it's okay to post photos. It's a bit of a tease, I know, but, from another perspective, it's publicity for a much-anticipated project of two esteemed TFL members.

For those other recipe testers willing to share their own results, I propose using this topic to collect photos of your breads/pastries/cookies in one place.

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