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March 10, 2010 - 8:48pm -- TangTwang

hey people of The Fresh Loaf! If you don't mind I will be hanging around your site learning some tricks and tips and proven methods to use in my own bread making pursuits. I have been making bread off and on for the better part of 10 years, mostly boules and occassional baguett. I have worked with sourdhough starters in the past and thats what I want to master while Im here first. I'll be working on making 2 types of sourdough breads: the French baguette, and the sourddough boule SFCA style.

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Newbie Here!

February 2, 2010 - 8:25am -- Tinapoy

Hello Everyone,


I'm a new member of TFL but have been reading for some weeks now. I love eating bread and definitely wants to know how to make good ones. As I think that I can get better breads by making them than buying them plus they are too costly if theyre good I started to look for references on how to make homemade breads. So far this is the site that I enjoyed alot.

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