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Nigella Sativa

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Paean to Charnushka (AKA Nigella Sativa, Onion seed, Kaloji)

December 25, 2011 - 1:03pm -- HeidiH

I had never head of Charnushka or Nigella seeds until ITJB so, being the curious type, I ordered some ... and now I'm hooked!

What a wonderful surprise.  These little seeds that look like undersized black sesame taste of black pepper, thyme, onion and I don't know what else.  They are wonderful on top of rolls.  I got some cheaply from but I'm sure other places like Penzey's have them.

Glue them on with egg wash and it's a great way to perk up a plain chewy roll. 

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Black seeds, AKA, Nigella Sativa, AKA, black caraway, AKS Black cumin, AKA Kettzah, AKA Kollunji, etc etc

January 17, 2010 - 4:21pm -- ArieArie

I have been using those black seeds on my bread as topping for many years..  I always wonder why it is not more popular in the US.

Those seeds are available at any Mediterranean or Indian food stores. Those seeds give an amazing aroma and flavor to the breads, especially to sourdogh bread.

has any one else try those?


for a photo of my bread with teh back seeds check out

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