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A newbie

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I am very new to this but im a great chef and baker...I could cook just about anything. I am very young but very experienced.


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I am a new baker, and I do not have/will not buy a bread machine...

Also, I LOVE sourdough and I dont know much about it... What is starter?

I really want to bake my own sourdough boules for soup night. 

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Hello from North Carolina

June 30, 2012 - 2:50pm -- charlotteD

Greetings from Raleigh, NC! 

I just found this site and am excited to learn from fellow bread enthusiasts.  I have been making bread for years.  The highlight of my bread making experience was when I took a weeklong bread bakers workshop at Johnson and Whales with Chef Harry Peemoeller.  

I love experimenting with new techniques and ingredients. 

Looking forward to enjoying The Fresh Loaf and learning from all of you.

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Soft pane siciliano from BBA??

June 30, 2011 - 8:14am -- spinypineapple

Hello! I just baked the Pane Siciliano from BBA, and I'm not sure if the bread is supposed to be so soft! I followed the instructions closely, cutting back on a bit of water as it was extremely wet (and I mean extremely. I tried Bertinet's slap-and-fold, but gave up and did repeated stretch-and-folds at 10 mins intervals until the dough passed the windowpane test.. about 4 reptitions of stretch-and-fold in total)

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