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A newbe

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New to site - Sourdough smells like Paint Stripper

August 4, 2012 - 9:31am -- Shelley50

Hi all

Have read this fabulous site for ages but just joined.

I made a lovely Sourdough 2 months ago.  Made a few loaves and they were pretty good.

My Sourdough is stiff and I feed it each day.  It never got a strange colour or odour as I have read about.

But then ....

Eeeeeek!!!  I did not feed it for 3 days as kept forgetting to buy bottled water.  I finally bought the water.

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Hello, new to bread making

July 16, 2010 - 8:01pm -- William Tally


I am new to breadmaking and have had some spectacular failures along with a lot of fun.  But I am learning and luckily just found this website.  I went through the lessons and feel like I just found the "Cliff Notes" on breadmaking.  I plan on baking again tomorrow with my newfound knowledge. 

I like hearty whole wheat bread and enjoy using freshly ground flour (currently use a Vita Mix to grind the flour) with a thick crust.

I look forward to reading and learning on this forum!

William Tally

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Hi all from WV

January 28, 2010 - 4:34pm -- thespencers06

I am michelle and I stumbled upon TFL while looking for an asiago cheese bagel recipes like panera bread. I have been baking ever since. I made asiago rolls instead of bagels but they are wonderful. I also made my first ciabatta yeasterday and baggettes tonight. YUMM! Although they weren't perfect they were the best bread I've ever made. Thank you all so much for all the tips and knowledge you have bestowed upon my baking stones! I look forward to sharing more wondeful bread success stories with you all!


-Michelle in WV but from FL

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