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Fluffy Bread

February 12, 2012 - 4:09pm -- erehwesle

Hi all, I just found this forum. Greetings from Tulsa, Oklahoma (though I'm actually just sojurning here, an ex-pat from the east coast).

I just started baking. I'm kind of a seat of the pants cook, so the precision really intimidates me, Baker's Math and all. (English Major, failure in math).

So I have a nice bread crock I use, and have with small success made some beer bread. I.e. mix a beer with a packet of yeast, and heat to 110 degrees. Add three cups of flour and a cup of water, two tsp of salt, and a teaspoon of maple syrup. 

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Hello from a new bread baking enthusiast!

December 18, 2011 - 12:46pm -- awloescher

Hello everyone,

I am very excited to have finally joined this forum.  I have read posts for the last month or two, and am finally joining.  I just found my passion for baking bread about 2 months ago, and I have not stopped baking since!  Every day that goes by without baking makes me sad :(.  I currently am trying to perfect a stollen recipe and am looking for tips and ideas from experienced stollen bakers!

I look forward to sharing my passion and learning from you!


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New and looking for Pumpkin Bread made in coffee can

August 25, 2011 - 12:57pm -- Standingdoe


I am new to the forum and to baking bread. I am reading lessons and looking before I begin. I am sorta of scared as I do not have alot of gear at all. I think 1 small baking pan for bread is all I have. But when I feel I am ready I will start and let everyone know how I made out! I am from PA. USA

I have made pumpkin bread once along time ago but lost the recipe I had. It was the one you made in a metal coffee can. If anyone has it, I would be happy if I could get it again as it was so good and great for Christmas gifts, everyone loved it!

Thank You

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Hello from Belfast, Northern Ireland!

June 28, 2011 - 5:41am -- Sheps

Hello all... just dropping a line to say hello from Northern Ireland! Anybody else from the Belfast area?

I've been hanging around the site for a couple of weeks now, and have definitely got the bread making bug. Even my fussy eater boyfriend is excited about the bread I'm making - hurrah for the Fresh Loaf!

All the best


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New from Australia

January 5, 2011 - 12:22am -- Fayzor

Hi everyone.

I've been making my own bread for about 10 years and sourdough for the last couple. My husband has almost finished our wood fired oven and we've made some pizzas, a roast and some apricot crumble (crisp to you US folks) in it already. 

Looking forward to sharing with you. I'm in Melbourne Victoria and buy my flours from Marg and Maree's in Heidelberg as well as the Wallaby flour from the supermarket.

Can't remember the last time I bought bread from the shop!




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