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Natural Leaven

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second endeavor after coming back to my electric oven after a month of wood fired brick oven adventures. delicious little rolls for pretty much anything, for me it was a dinner roll.

pretty good rise for a 100% whole wheat, but that seems to be the standard since switching to natural leaven, open crumb, super moist. i was quite pleased. the crust was pretty good too even for the electric oven, although my heart still has a brick oven sized hole...



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Hamelman's Natural Leaven Class Report

April 28, 2009 - 7:55am -- ein

I just returned from the King Arthur Flour Co’s Baking Education Center and wanted to share my experience taking the 10hr, day and a half class:  “Naturally Leavened Breads” with Jeffrey Hamelman. Being greeted by sunny 70 degree weather in beautiful Vermont was a great way to start the day and the Education Center is a light and airy building with lots of well managed work space. 

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  I recently read this on the Fresh Loaf as a "non-member" of the site. 

     Here and there Hamelman makes a nod to the home baker, but it doesn't take long for the amateur baker to realize that Hamelman is not all that interested in his or her plight. The continual references to steam injectors and oven vents, proper posture when lifting 75 pounds of dough, and potential injury from improperly holding 7 to 8 foot long peels while unloading dozens of loaves of bread quickly make the amateur realize this book was not intended for him.  

I decided after reading this: "Maybe I should join "The Fresh Loaf" and see if people are struggling with Natural Leaven in bread dough because books are written without the intentions of including the homebaker." 

   As a homebaker, artisan baker , and author of a natural leaven primer, I could relate to this statement very well. my publicaton is intended  primarily for the HOMEBAKER  and artisan bakers who want a simple approach to teaching the home baker about natural leaven and its use in bread dough.  I thought, "I wonder if anyone is having difficulty with the basic rudiments of natural leaven due to the fact that in a comprehensive baking book on bread; natural leaven may be covered, but not in simplicity for the "no experience' to "some experience" person who is struggling with personally discovering making and managing natural leaven and its use in bread dough.  While my study of natural leaven has been over a twenty year period of time and I don't cross the knowledge of a professionals, I thought maybe there are some "out there" who need help.I did at one time, but have mastered the skill and sympathize with homebakers who can't get the answers for Natural Leaven Bread they are looking for.

My primer is sold wholesale, so I suppose one person doesn't need 100 ( my minimum order); but perhaps I could get a feel for those who are reading books that are not intended for them and make conversation in personal discovery of makng and managing  natural leaven and its use in bread dough. I tried bloggin elsehere but the set up was irritating and this seems to be going good for the first time now that I have been set up correctly

Don't communicate on The Fresh Loaf your interest our farm publcation: "Each One By Hand": A Natural Leaven Primer; this 24 page full color gloss magazine style handbook can be discussed else where; but is anyone  struggling with natural leaven and needs some questions answered.  E-mail: with Subject: Question about Natural Leaven. 

I am new to Fresh Loaf, I think I am supposed to sign my user name so ,



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