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my journey through bread making

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This journey of bread making started 2 years ago when due to ill health I was no longer able to work. My desire was to make my own bread and soups from scratch - the soups were fairly easy to conquer - the bread has been a different story and the journey continues. My culinary world has opened up to now include all sorts of cooking and baking, to the point that my wife no longer cooks and we have not bought bread from a shop for 2 years.

I feel I am on a pilgrimage that started when my best friends bought me a second-hand bread machine for Christmas two years ago. I know that purists shun the bread machine, but for me it was the start of the journey. The inconsistent results from packet mixes where you just add water drove me on.

I feel like I am on a journey like apprenticeship that is productive and comforting. If there is any interest in my blog I will continue with my story.

Happy baking - the baking bear.

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