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molasses fennel rye

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It was all because of a holiday we took not long after we were married some years ago in the last century....

This is the first bread recipe that I ever made. It is from the fabulous restaurant "Clark's by the Bay" (now sadly closed) near Kingston, Ontario and is the bread that caused my bread making craze that has now lasted for more than 20 years. 

I have the honour of hosting of September 2012′s Bread Baking Babes’ task and thought it might be fun for the other BBBs to make it too. I hope that you too would like to join us this month by making Clark’s sublime bread! Make it into loaves or rolls, whichever pleases you more. (Remember to adjust the baking time, if you are making rolls.)

I hope you all like this bread as much as we do!

For complete details about this month’s recipe, the BBB and how to become a BBBuddy, please read:



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