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Moisture Content

August 26, 2012 - 6:27am -- Justkneadit

I have two questions about hydration or moisture content.

1) I am from the Tampa Bay area and once I combine all of my ingredients to make the dough I always have to add more water or what ever I am using, is that ok?

2) My other question is that once I have a dough formed and I put a little too much water in the dough can I continue to add flour as I need to obtained the desired moisture content?

Just an amateur baker trying to bake some good bread. Thanks.

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semolina flour

August 6, 2011 - 11:35am -- dolcebaker

I have added durum semolina flour to breads in the past, and have a recipe for a bread mostly made from this, I noticed that it seems to make the bread moister.  What is it about the semolina that causes this?  Can I add it to other 'dry' products to add moisture?  I am thinking that it just retains more water vs a high gluten flour (bread), and expect that whole wheat flour may do the same thing becuse of the bran?  Does semolina which I thought was just a different kind of wheat (harder) act the same way bran does?  (thinking as I type :o)


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Too Much Moisture - Finished Loaf

December 25, 2008 - 9:44am -- donsabi

I have been using a recipe for french bread that normally works very well for me. However, once in a while I will get loaf that looks done, temperature about 205 degrees, but still had some moisture close to the crust. I use a Kitchenaid to mix and knead and using the same ingredients and amounts my dough does feel more staturated from time to time at the end of the kneading time. I think I should add more flour to correct but am not sure what the effect of over kneading would be. I am using good ingredients, King Authur flour, filtered wated, etc.. Comments appreciated.

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