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Hoabrt Mixer S-601

June 9, 2011 - 1:24pm -- cj_bravo

The Summer Camp I'm working at has a Hobart mixer S-601, really old, the regional office says it's been obsolete for about 40 years, it still works, but I don't know the routine maintenance I should perform- oil change and such...
So what kind of maintenance should I do and how?

thanks a lot, CJ.

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New, disappointed Bosch Universal Plus Owner

May 2, 2011 - 5:53pm -- rustleinthehedgerow

Okay, first off, I don't have an axe to grind. I'm proud of my German ancestry, love German engineering, drive BMWs, own and love my Bosch dishwasher and Bosch superautomatic coffee machine. I ordered the Bosch Universal Plus because I am an avid bread and pizza maker and got tired of mixing multiple batches of dough in my Kenwood K800 for many-loaf bakes and for pizza parties. (Last year I built an outdoor, wood-fired oven for these big bakes and parties, the most fun project I've ever undertaken, but that's another story.)

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So I've been baking breads for some years now and experimenting with various recipes. 

Today I've been working on these English Muffins as well as my version of Theresa Greenway's Griffin's Bread.

The versions I'm making are 62% and 68% hydrations respectively. 

Most of the time I use a KA mixer with C-hook to knead.

Both doughs clear the sides of the bowl reasonably well, but neither of these totally clear the bottom of the bowl. I ran them both for maybe 1 minute at KA speed 2 to combine, then about 3-4 minutes at speed 3. 

In the case of the muffins (which use about 70% preferment), there was about a 2.5" diameter circle at the bottom, and I added some additional flour (about 10g) and it shrank to about 2". 

In the case of the sourdough (which uses about 82% preferment), it stuck to a large circle at bowl bottom, probably 5-6" around. I had to add probably 30g of flour to make it clear the sides better, leaving about a 2-2.5" diameter circle at the bottom of the bowl. 

My questions are about hydration and mixing to clear the bowl: 


  1. Am I correct to assume that all 62% and above hydration flours will never totally clear the bottom of the bowl? 

  2. What hydration typically will clear the bowl bottom? 

If I was more accurate with my starter maintenance, I'm sure this would be less of an issue (I think my preferment hydration varies anywhere from 60-85%, because I eyeball it). I just want to get a better feel for the behavior of hydration and my mixing machine, so that I can make adjustments as necessary. At least I've learned not to add more flour to sticky ryes, I've ended up with quite a few bricks over the years. 


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DLX/Electrolux Assistent cost and manufacturer website questions

November 28, 2010 - 11:41am -- quantumburnz

Hi everyone,

This forum has been very helpful seeing all the posts about the DLX vs Bosch.  I'm pretty made up on getting the DLX; however, I have a couple questions:

1. I can't find the manufacturer website for the DLX Assistent.  I can find the Electrolux site which has their stoves, vacuum cleaners, etc. on it, but I can't find a site with their mixers anywhere.  Does anyone know the what the manufacturer website is?

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Decision Made: Electrolux N22 'Royal'

September 25, 2010 - 11:48pm -- breadman_nz

After visiting my brother, who makes a 1-2 loaves of delicious sourdough daily, I decided to expand my fresh pasta and pizza dough making to include breads. Hand kneading a 6-cup pizza dough and pasta for 10-13 minutes, gets tiring (although I'm sure the exercise is good for me!). So in deciding to expand into breads, I also decided a machine was 'kneaded'.


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Stand mixer query

August 11, 2010 - 6:13am -- copyu

Large mixers are very rare in Japan. None are offered in the major electrical goods shops, probably because kitchen space is at a premium. I saw a 'DeLonghi' in CostCo, once, [about $250] and recently came across the 'Bosch Compact' [about $400] in a baking supply store. That's it! CostCo Japan hasn't stocked any large mixers for the past 8  to 12 months


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