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adjust peter reinhearts pumpernickel bagels recipe for mini bagels

February 24, 2013 - 10:31am -- mrgnlit

So I am in a quest to make bite sized bagels but I have some questions about the baking time The original recipe makes 6-7 bagels at 4.5 oz each and bakes at 450 oven (lowered from 500 just before baking) for 25-30 minutes. How small can I get away with here? I was thinking I. The ballpark of 16-20? Maybe more?

Also if I want to do this how much should I adjust the baking time/temperature 

How much will this impact the moisture of the end product also? I know making things smaller can dry them out but I'm hoping with the adjustments they will not be bricks.

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Where to find long narrow (2" square) bread or pullman pans?

December 6, 2011 - 10:49am -- tananaBrian


Has anyone here seen long narrow pullman pans of the sort that produce 2" x 2" by about 12" (or longer) loaves available anywhere?  You see loaves like this for european rye breads at the store, so I know somebody makes them!  I just can't seem to find them online anywhere...




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Mini loaf questions

December 27, 2008 - 12:27am -- ryeaskrye

I received a goofy little item for 8-count mini loaf pan...and have 2 questions about its use if anyone here might know. I am hosting a family dinner and thought it might be fun to serve each person their own "little" loaf of both a SF sourdough and a Pumpernickel. So...

1. Each "cup" on the pan is 2.25"x4" much dough do I put in each?

2. What length of time would I bake such small loaves?

Thanks, and I wish everyone Happy Holidays! 


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