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marble bread

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I'm not dead, I've just been hiding from the temptations of the current ITJB items...

Plus, I haven't done anything interesting other than my usual weekly sourdoughs that we live off of, with maybe the following exceptions:

I made a bunch of marbled, braided loaves for people that I didn't get pictures of. At the end, I had a handful of strands left over and I was tired of braiding, so I shoved them into a lidless pullman pan...

The second picture is my new favorite condiment. Sourdough with toasted sunflower seeds, toasted, a little bit of garlic butter, sprinkle with parmesan, then toast. Top with the cherry pepper mix. I am drooling thinking about it. I normally don't go in much for pre-prepared condiments, but this was under $3 and looked good, so I gave it a shot. Yum.


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