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Looking for advice re. bannetons

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Questions about bannetons.

April 4, 2011 - 7:17am -- Dave323


I am going to be buying some bannetons, both round and oval. My questions are these: 


As to size, they can be had anywhere from 6” to a huge 17”. Is my reasoning correct, that I can put smaller loaves in a large basket, and just not fill it, but I can’t stuff a large loaf in a small basket. So, my best bet would be to order, say, a 10.5“ basket rather than a 8” or 9” one? Money being, well, money, my goal is to NOT have the world’s largest banneton collection. :)


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Looking for banneton advice

June 12, 2010 - 1:00pm -- joyfulbaker

Hi there,

I am going to get a banneton for my birthday (who'd have thought it would be so exciting?)--yeah!  I was researching and saw some on  They have brotforms from Germany and Slovakia.  The description of the German ones doesn't mention staples, but the Slovakian ones have them.  Would that be a problem (i.e., rust?)?  I am looking for 1.5-lb capacity and 2.25-lb capacities (doesn't that mean TWO of them?--big birthday gift!).  Suggestions please?  Thanks,


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