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It’s strange to be looking at such an unassuming loaf of bread, bought/ordered from our local (Taiwan) 7-11. At approximately $12 USD, it’s one expensive loaf by Taiwanese standards and US standards.

The bread was sent overnight to our local 7-11 for pickup, and was completely frozen when I received it. Covered in a paper bag and completely sealed in a plastic bag seemed excessive, but soon we would find out why. After toasting, the crust seemed so thin that it seemed to shatter when you bite it. I can’t really say whether the crust was originally crispy, but after toasting, it was probably the best crust I’ve tasted.

(The slices in these two images are frozen. I had to store them cut, since all the family wanted to try some)

(Defrosted slice)

The crumb didn’t have large aveoles, but wasn’t dense either . The taste of longan itself was fragrant throughout the loaf, and it’s sweetness perhaps was attributed to the brown sugar. THERE ARE WALNUTS, but really I couldn’t taste them though. Meh.

So finally where does this bread come from?

Po-Chun Wu- 2010 Coup Du Monde

I can't say that 7-11 or Po-Chun Wu's bakery was the one that baked this bread. But I can only hope it was his..

Perfect white toast from 7-11 for the next post....

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30g starter @ 100% hydration

60g whole wheat flour

60g water

Allow to ripen 8 - 12 hours.


Final Dough

150g levain

275g water

450g bread flour

80g dried longan

8g salt


Mix together levain, water and flour.  Autolyse 50 mins.  Knead in salt.  Finally knead in chopped dried longan.  Bulk ferment for about two and a half hours with folds at 50 and 100 mins respectively.  This turned out to be a strong dough and probably didn't need the second fold.  Divide in two. Preshape.  Rest 20 mins.  Shape into batards.  Final proof, two and a half to three hours.  Slash.  Bake with steam for 20 mins at 230C and without steam at 200C (convection) for another 20 mins.

Dried longans are expensive and I stinted on them.  I should have chopped them up finer, too.  As it was, not every slice had fruit in it or, at least not enough.  I love the taste of dried longan and more is better.  As a result the slices with not enough fruit were bland and now I am already planning the next attempt.  Next time, apart from adding more fruit, I will add some longan syrup to see if that will enhance the flavor even more.




150g ripe starter @ 100% hydration

300g water

80g sifted whole wheat

20g rye

350g bread flour

3g diastatic malt

Mix together and autolyse for 50 mins.  Now add:

10g salt

Knead until moderate gluten development. Bulk ferment two and a half hours with folds at 50 and 100 mins respectively.  Pre-shape. Rest 20 mins.  Shape into tight boule.  Allow to proof until three quarters risen.  Retard overnight.  Remove from fridge and allow to complete proof: one to two hours.  Bake on stone @ 230C with steam for 20 mins and @ 200C (convection) without steam for a further 30. Switch off oven, crack oven door open and allow to dry out for a further 5 mins.



No crumb shot for the boule, yet but will update with one tomorrow.  This is just my standard everyday bread, so I know how this one is going to taste.


Feb 22:  Crumb shot.


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