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Those look good enough to eat!

August 6, 2007 - 7:26pm -- Joe Fisher

If you saw my previous picture, you know my starter is alive and well! It's escape attempt was so inspiring I decided to bake, even though it's been in the 80's and disgustingly humid lately.

I ended up producing two of the most beautiful loaves I've ever made. Great oven spring, good hard crust with those bubbles and blisters I've been trying to duplicate since visiting Boudin Bakery in San Francisco.

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This is my fourth challah. I decided to stray from the traditional braid "out of a pan" to braiding first, then letting it rise in the pullman pan today. I am pleased so far. It's hot out of the oven, so I will post the cut picture later this evening. ;)

 Challah loaf

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