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loaf size

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Loaf pan size

December 28, 2012 - 9:44pm -- VonildaBakesBread

Why do all my recipes call for an 8" (or 8-1/2") by 4" loaf pan, when I could only find one in that size at a yard sale? I'm using my bigger loaf pans, and simply living with the resultant smaller oven rise. No biggie, but is there any way to make an  adjustment in the recipes? (I'm using Laurel's Kitchen, soon to try recipes from Reinhardt's Whole Wheat)



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During the holidays, and for the first time, we baked 1-lb. loaves, one-third smaller than our usual 1.5-lb loaves. We did this because we gifted a number of family and friends that live alone, reasoning that a larger loaf would likely stale before it was consumed. Furthermore, I can bake three 1-lb per load in my household oven, but only two 1.5-lb loaves otherwise. We  baked more than was needed, so we've been consuming the leftovers. We've realized the smaller loaves serve our needs--there is only two of us--as well, or possibly better than the larger loaves. I'll continue to make larger loaves to share at our frequent community pot-luck dinners, or when we entertain.

I also like simply hand-shaping batards, and proofing the loaves on a couche vis-a-vis bannetons.

This formula is 10/45/45: Whole Rye Flour/KA Bread Flour/KA AP Flour, with  14% of the flour (all Bread Flour) prefermented in the levain build. Hydration is 68%. I retard the dough for 15 hours at 54°F.

David G

David G

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