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loaf pans

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Truth Serum

When a part of my life feels out of control, I turn my frustrations into baking bread . There is something so productive about turning those feelings whether they are self doubt, anger, frustration or sadness into loaves of bread.



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Loaf pans

April 7, 2010 - 9:05pm -- Doc Tracy

I'm needing some more loaf pans. I'd like buy something a little better than the $3.00 specials at the grocery store. What do you recommend? I was really impressed with the quality of my new pullman pan from King Arthur and was thinking that I'd like to get some loaf pans of the same heavy metal. (I think it might be aluminum?) But, open to all suggestions. I mostly bake heavy ryes and multigrains with my pans. I need probably 2-4 more when I'm baking a large quantity of weekly breads for the family and freezer.

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help solve my loaf-pan mystery

April 24, 2009 - 11:58am -- flour-girl

Hi --

I've been baking my sandwich breads in stoneware loaf pans. I have two pans of the same size, one made by Le Creuset and the other branded by Paula Deen. 

The Le Creuset one is twice the price of the other.

Every time I bake, no matter the recipe, the bread in the Le Creuset pan rises almost twice as much as the other.

I just posted pictures of my latest attempts at Flour Girl, along with a pretty yummy Sourdough Whole-Wheat recipe from Clayton.

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selecting loaf pans, a.k.a. avoiding non-stick coatings

January 17, 2009 - 9:28pm -- MommaT

Hello again!

The recent postings about pullman pans reminded me that my favorite loaf pan suddenly decided to impart my latest ww loaf crust with a silvery-flecked shine.

So many loaf pans, even the more expensive pullman pans I found online, seem to list "coatings" of one kind or another.

I would like to find some good, very sturdy, old-fashioned metal baking pans that I can scrub like crazy OR, as my grandmother did, season and continue to use after wiping out.  (Heresy in today's world of antibacterial cleaning products, I'm sure!)

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Pullman loaf pan

October 23, 2007 - 4:13pm -- edh

I'm working up the nerve to try Hamelman's pumpernickel bread; the heavy-duty European one. This is probably a huge mistake, as I've only just started messing about with rye breads, but it's all been going so well, why not get in over my head?

The only problem is that it requires baking in a pullman loaf pan (well, that and the fact that it's going to own my oven for something like 12 hours...) and I neither have one nor especially want to buy one.

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