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A month ago, the three gmas baked a great looking lemon anise seed tea loaf from Dan Leader's book 'Bread Alone'.  Having lots of lemons and being a lover of all things anise (including anisette), I decided to bake a loaf for us to have with tea in the evenings.  I up'ed the lemon flavor by adding a teaspoon of limoncello to the lemon and simple syrup glaze.  Haven't cut into it yet, but it makes a very big loaf of tea bread.  It is baked in a 9 x 5 inch loaf pan and rises in the oven to fill the loaf pan to the very top.  In baking this, however, I did find the 30-40 minute baking time quite optimistic, mine wasn't done until an hour had passed in the 350F oven. 


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We 3 gmas really baked!

January 8, 2013 - 5:21pm -- gmagmabaking2

For our first official bake in 2013, we really heated up our kitchens! With the outside scenery in Barb's yard, you can see why that is a GOOD thing.  That is just one of the differences between our baking climates... This baking day brings Washington state and Texas closer together for a bit.

 Nothing like a little snow to make you want to bake!     

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The lemon cheesecake has been trying to bust into other posts recently so we though it needed a blog of its own.

This is not the normal NY Style that we love to no end but one where the egg whites are whipped to nearly stiff peaks and folded into the rest of the batter. 


Some folks, like my daughter, think cheesecakes should have a graham cracker crust.  But I say, just like in bread, anything that tastes great is never a problem.  Oreo cookies are never a probem when it comes to taste especially if you add melted butter to them while processing them to crumbs.

We also whipped up some fresh cherry and bourbon sauce just in case then cheesecake had some poison in it and needed alcohol to kill off the offending organism.  It seemed to work since no one has come down with anything remotely close to consumption - so far.


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I’ve had a few months break from baking – having a little one takes a lot of your time!! No matter how many people tell you, you won’t know till it actually happens to you.

 Anywho, the little monkey is asleep and I can update my blog with the recent bakes, got a bit of a backlog to get through.

 Today’s post is about lemon cupcakes – I know its not bread, but its baking, so I figured that its worth blogging about - link here.

 I apologise for the pictures in advance, I only have my iPod to take photos with, and they are not that great.  

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Here goes another pasta experiment. This time, I went with 100% durum wheat (other than a little KA that I used to flour the board and the pasta as it went through the machine). To make the dough, I combined 3 egg yolks (yolks only, trying for a very yellow noodle), the zest of 6 lemons, 1T each dill and basil, and 1.5t kosher salt in a blender, then mixed it into two cups of fresh-ground durum wheat (no sifting, 100% WW).

The dough sat for around four hours, then half was cut into fettucini. The other half is sitting in my fridge, and will be used tomorrow probably...

For the final dish, roast 2/3 cup of pine nuts and reserve. The chicken breasts had been coated in olive oil and kosher salt that morning, then stuck in the fridge in a plastic bag that I flipped every couple of hours during the day.  Rough chop 2 small onions, 8 oz mushrooms, and 5 cloves of garlic. I browned the chicken in a mix of butter and olive oil, then dumped the onion mixture on top and hit with some kosher salt. After most of the water cooked out of the veg mix, I added chicken stock to a 1/4" depth in the pan, put in a bunch of lemon slices, covered and simmered for 15-20 minutes. The pasta cooked for 4 minutes. I added a few tablespoons of half and half to the pan, combined for a minute, then added the noodles and cooked for another 90 seconds or so. Yum. The noodles weren't quite the bright yellow I was hoping for, maybe I'll add a few drops of food coloring next time :)



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I baked this yesterday - but we ate it today, so I hope that counts!

Another version of Jan Hedh's Lemon bread, with less lemon and added lemon thyme

100g 100% white starter
180g durum flour
180g white strong flour
50g rye
130g water
100g cider
25g EVOO
8g salt
zest of half a lemon (would use more in future)
leaves from 6-8 sprigs lemon thyme (would use more in future)

Mix starter, flours, water, cider and autolyse 30m or so.  Add EVOO, salt, lemon zest, herbs - thorough mix
Several S&F roughly 30min intervals for 3 hours (you can tell I was improvising - poor records!)
Refridgeration overnight, then warmed up for around 30m then pre-shaped then shaped to batard
(warning: not sure if it was the EVOO but it was a pain to shape - wouldn't seal the seam!)
3 hours I think to proof in banneton, then 15mins under SS bowl at 240 then around 25-30m at 200

Good bread flavour; not very big holes but quite a soft crumb with quite thick crust.  Nice taste but would add more lemon & herbs next time!

and the crumb:

cheers - and Happy World Bread Day!
(buckwheat batard on the way - sadly no beechnuts as the birds beat me to it!)


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This is a bit of a cowboy post, a cake blog rather than a bread blog. I took a holiday, flew to Moscow for a few days, meaning I had to put my bubbly starter to sleep for a few days. I am eagerly waiting for it to wake up now, but I wouldn’t wait another day without baking something.

I decided to make a version of Lemon Pound cake from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook. I got this book about a year ago and have been steadily testing out all the different recipes. The lemon cake is definitely a favourite – the cake comes out nice and light, with a great lemon flavour, and makes a nice treat for breakfast or tea time.

Full recipe and more photos on my blog here

Apologies for the photos, they are a bit blurry and out of focus, using my iPod instead of a proper camera, and there isn’t much of the cake left to justify getting a big camera out

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Oops - another failure

I was trying to make Daisy's Wholemeal Lemon Sourdough (original successful recipe here)

Not sure what particularly went wrong - my assumption is that
a) I left the preferment too long
b) I used slightly unripe starter
c) I left the mixed dough too long for bulk ferment
d) the S&F method didn't work so well for wholewheat as for white
e) I didn't knead enough
f) the gods were not smiling :-)

I shaped the dough into small loaves - 20mins into proofing and oops - disintegrating dough!

There was no surface tension when shaping...

I decided to pop them in the oven anyway - 30mins at 220C

They smelled great - and tasted OK - but pretty awful rise (i.e. almost none) - it's "back to the bricks", and just when I thought I was doing well...

So - not one of my best examples!  Never mind - I'm still learning!


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Substitutions for Fruit Glazes for Bundt Cakes that Meet hOme Based Baking Standards in NC

March 2, 2011 - 7:24pm -- sshipper

Hi Friends,

I have just gotten certified as a home-based baker and have been told that I cannot sell cakes with any glazes or icings that include fruit,  fruit juice , etc....because they require refrigeration

I am looking for a tasty way to deal with an  A)  Orange Juice/ Sugar glaze for a Orange /Date and Pecan Pound Cake.    B) Also a Lime Juice and Sugar glaze for a Key Lime Pound Cake,  and a  C)  Lemon Glaze for my Blueberry Lemon Bundt cake.

Everyone here has just great ideas.  I'm all ears




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