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Butcher Block Countertop considerations

January 9, 2012 - 12:25pm -- MNBäcker

So, I am looking at re-doing our kitchen island in a few weeks. Our kitchen has all laminate countertops, so my first instinct was to get the same laminate to match those countertops. The island is about 72 by 48 inches. After thinking a little bit more about it, I am now also considering butcher block (maple) for a nice contrast and REALLY nice work surface for my baking breads.

I guess my questions are:

those of you who have Maple butcher block, how easy is it to take care of it?

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Poofing laminated dough

March 26, 2009 - 2:25pm -- swordams

Hello all,

I made laminated danish dough in my baking class years ago, and I remember it worked well all but one time. The one time, during the proofing stage, all of the butter melted out. Today I tried to make cinnamon rolls at home. The dough was working perfectly until the proofing stage, at which time a lot of butter melted out (I proofed at about 85 degrees, definately warm enough to melt butter). The rolls still looked fine (not over proofed), so I baked them. The resulting rolls are limp and flat. Should I have proofed them at less than room temperature?


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