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Lalvain "French Sourdough" Starter from King Arthur?

February 8, 2010 - 2:21pm -- tabasco

Hi, Sourdough fans,

I'm fairly new with the Sourdough aspect of bread-baking, but I confess I've become obsessed. 

I have tried to make my own 'wild yeast starter' without a lot of luck, but I continue to try.  I have also baked a few loaves of Levain style bread using an aged 'sponge' including a a little SAF yeast and 1/2 cup of sourdough starter (made from the KA 'french starter' mentioned below), but I didn't like the taste of the bread (really bad).

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Guys and Gals,

Just found interesting guides and newsletters (Baking Update Newsletter) from Lallemand, a well-known ingridients produser and researcher. Hope, this may be useful for our bread-baking community.

This is a table of content:

Baking Update

Volume 1:

Volume 2:

Baking Innovations
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