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"Lunch Lady Rolls" trouble shooting?

November 12, 2010 - 2:48pm -- Scott Grocer


I made Alabuba's "Lunch Lady Rolls" from and I'm positive I messed something up because they came out of the oven looking like biscuits. They were tender and had good flavor, but no structure to speak of. The crumb reminds me of a muffin, small and tight.

I was kneading by hand, measuring my ingredients by weight, and best I can come up with is maybe I didn't knead the dough enough?

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Advice needed... my first 'no-knead' experience...

March 2, 2008 - 10:45am -- dan_olo

Hi Guys,


I am new to this site though not new to baking by any means.  Have been making my own loaves for several years but now want to give this 'no-knead' technique a go.  Does anyone have a simple basic recipe for a first-timer?  Any tips on how to go about baking my first 'no-knead' loaf?


Many thanks,



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Pizza dough; no knead?

March 7, 2007 - 7:45am -- throwdini

This is directed to Floydm:I read your piece entitled 'A Pizza Primer.' I notice you refer to stirring the dough, resting and stirring again. Is that another way of referring to kneading the dough or do you really mean to stir it as with a large spoon. It seems I would want to use the dough hook on a standing mixer but now I'm confused.DavidPS - I'm new to this post and not sure I'm going to find my way back in to see your answer. Please be kind enough to send it to as well.Thank you

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