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kitchen scales

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Scale Alert

January 4, 2008 - 9:17am -- audra36274

Last night I came into my kitchen to discover my 2 year old sitting on the counter, had emptied my new bag of KA rye flour (that I drove an hour to get ), and was doing what he thought was making bread. He was sitting there so cute -hands flat out mashing the flour pile, saying "mash, turn, mash, turn" which is what I let him do with his little piece of dough I save for him. Well, the 'cute' was wearing off and I pick him up, pull off the clothes to prevent further flour damage to my kitchen, and start to clean up the mess. Then I find it.....

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kitchen scales

November 26, 2007 - 7:08am -- docpat

I am looking to purchase a kitchen scale for bread baking. I am looking for one that has a tare feature which will allow me to zero out the reading after each ingredient addition or to negate the weight of the bowl. Finances are a bit of an issue, so I need to find one that does the job at a reasonable price. I am a  home baker and do not require lab quality accuracy, but enough for bread baking purposes. Does any one have recommendations on what they like, don't like, things to look for, brand names, etc. Thanks in advance for your help. ~Docpat

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