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King Arthur

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King Arthur bread courses - feedback needed

January 6, 2010 - 7:38am -- Edthebread

Hi Everyone

I am thinking of attending some of the King Arthur bread classes, and I'd like some feedback from those of you who may have attended them previously.  I'm a fairly experienced home baker who cooks both sourdough and yeast breads, mainly with a high percentage of whole grains, so I am looking for a class to advance my skills rather than a beginners class.

The two classes I'm considering are:

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Who made you king of the flours?

December 9, 2009 - 1:48am -- Erzsebet Gilbert

So, I live in Hungary, but my family lives in the U.S., and wonderfully, in five days I'll be visiting (I'm going to bake them so much bread!).  It'll be neat, too, as a good number of ingredients in some interesting recipes aren't easily available here.  

Including King Arthur flours.  I always see TFL-ers mentioning it, and I've seen (and disobeyed) recipes specifically calling for KA... I'm just wondering - why?  I definitely want to give it a go, but can anybody tell me why it's the most preferred one?

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King Arthur equivalent in Canada

August 12, 2009 - 4:11pm -- tcleves

I have moved from the USA to Victoria, BC. Its beautiful here and I love it. However, I haven't been able to source King Arthur bread flour. I'm buying a bread flour from the local bulk food store. Its OK but not great. I've looked at the Robin Hood bread flour but its bleached. I'm really trying to find an outstanding organic white bread flour. Does anyone have any suggestions. I'm on Vancouver Island.



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Bread Salt?

July 24, 2009 - 2:49pm -- Rosalie

So I'm moseying around on the Internet and a link takes me to the King Arthur site.  Okay, while I'm here, I'll see if they have anything new or interesting.  And I come across Bread Salt.

The blurb calls it "An all-natural salt that's ideal for bread baking."  It also says "[Its] high mineral content helps feed yeast in a rising loaf. "


(1) What makes this salt so special?

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Grind of King Arthur White Whole Wheat

October 10, 2008 - 9:27pm -- NicholasH

Hello, I found this site a little while ago, and registered for the forum.  There is a ton of great information here.  So I thought maybe someone here might be able to shed some light on something.  I use King Arthur white whole wheat flour fairly often, and I recently restocked.  As soon as I touched the flour, I realized it was a much coarser grind than this type of flour has had in the past.  It surprised me because KAF has always been very consistent in the past.  Has anyone else noticed this or heard anything?  It seems unlikely to be just a fluke of the bag that I got,

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The flour fairies were good to me today

December 16, 2007 - 2:30pm -- mse1152

Score!  I was shopping at Trader Joe's, and since I'm almost finished with my 50 pounds of flour I bought a while ago on an adventure with (Pyrex) Susan, I grabbed a bag of KA all-purpose flour to tide me over till I can make another mondo purchase.  At the register, the checker saw that the bag wasn't sealed (glue failure), so she had a guy fetch me another bag.  When he returned, he said he saw two other bags with bad seals on the shelf.  I offered to buy them at half-price, but the guy thought maybe that wouldn't fit with the store's POLICY, so I blew it off.  Th

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Too Soft

September 1, 2007 - 10:43am -- Larry Clark


I've always used Stone-Buhr unbleached bread flour in all my bread baking. Our local Albertson's started carrying King Arthur all purpose flour so out of curiosity I bought a bag and made a loaf of french bread at 65% hydration. It was very soft. I made another at 60% hydration. It rose beautifully, got great oven spring and the crumb was gorgeous, but boy is this one soft loaf - Wonder Bread soft! Is this due to the softer all purpose flour or should I use even lower hydration level? I couldn't get bread this soft when I was trying.




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