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King Arthur

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Greetings - power back and local sale on King Arthur!!!

November 13, 2012 - 9:51am -- Melba

Hi, I finally got my power back and the first thing I think of is baking bread!!!  Baking is what I missed most, although a hot shower wouldn't be bad.

I am relatively inexperienced with bread.  The only bread I have made is the CI Ciabatta - with very good results.  Today I am substituting bread flour for the AP to find out what happens.

Locally, Stop and Shop has a sale on King Arthur, 2.99 for 5 lbs.  I bought AP, Bread and Whole Wheat.  Is there any other flour everyone recommends?

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For my second miche taste test I wanted to do two things: compare King Arthur High-Extraction flour against Central Milling Type 85 Malted, and experiment with a smaller loaf after the comment from one of my tasters that the first loaf was "gummy" (though he ended up liking that loaf the best.) Above is a closeup of the result, with the Central Milling loaf on the left.

As you can see, the King Arthur flour has higher ash content which led to a difference in taste that I found distracting (it actually did taste like ash, or chalk, but to a very subtle degree) while others didn't mind it. The crumb turned out great and this 75% formula (producing a loaf that's a bit over 3 lbs vs the 2 Kg full-size miche) is an ideal size for a 5 qt dutch oven if you're using that method.

The complete results of the 2nd miche test are available here: . The first taste test is at and my TFL post about it is at . Thanks for reading... and commenting!


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KA's Baking Sheet newsletter features TFL!

April 24, 2012 - 4:55pm -- jaywillie

King Arthur Flour puts out a quarterly baking newsletter named "The Baking Sheet." (It's a subscription thing, not a freebie.) The spring 2012 issue, which just arrived, has a recipe for sourdough potato bread (looks interesting), with a two-thirds-page sidebar featuring The Fresh Loaf and especially JMonkey's tips for "more sour-tasting" sourdough starter. It notes the specific URL for JMonkey's post, with quite complimentary comments. Congrats to Floyd and JMonkey!

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King Arthur flours

April 4, 2012 - 11:24am -- mendozer

So i went to the store yesterday to pick up bread flour for refreshing my barm. I saw KAF had white whole wheat.  Withoout the specs, I went with the bread flour out of trust.

Then i went to the website and see these things:

Unbleached bread flour: 12.7% protein
Unbleached high gluten flour: 14.2% protein (claims it's the highest in retail)
White whole wheat: 13% protein
For reference, their AP flour is 11.7% protein

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Every so often, I like to make a batch of sourdough English muffins.  My go-to recipe is one from the King Arthur 200th Anniversary Cookbook, which I have blogged about previously.  Today's post is just a series of photos showing the muffins as they cook for your viewing pleasure; something only a bread-head would love.

Up first, the muffins waiting their turn on the griddle:

After feeling the heat for a little bit:

Still growing:

Ready to turn:

And just after being turned:

And yes, they smell good too!


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Free shipping for King Arthur - combine orders today?

December 9, 2010 - 9:23am -- ApplePie

I'm out of SAF gold yeast (!), which I need for my Christmas Tree Sweet Rolls.

To take advantage of King Arthur's free shipping (which expires today) I need $50 of stuff to do it.  If anyone else in the San Jose area needs something from KA, please reply or message me today and we can group orders (I'm happy to take care of ordering/paying upfront).


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The other day I stopped into a Whole Foods store in the hope that I could find some white rye.   I couldn't, in fact the person I spoke to had no idea what white rye was.  But there on the shelf were bags of King Arthur Italian Flour.   Wow!   No shipping.   But what to make?   I decided on Ciabatta.   Specifically Hamelman's Ciabatta with Poolish (p. 107 of Bread).   Only after I had mixed everything up did I remember that the Italian Flour bag had a note recommending less water for this flour than others - and I had even accidentally put in around an extra ounce of water.   So it was wet.   I just decided to go with it instead of adding more flour.   It was too wet to take out of the bowl to stretch and fold, so I used the in the bowl method.   Then I decided it was too wet to move it around too much so after the first rise, I poured it (yes poured) into a dutch oven and let it do the second rise there.   Then  baked with the top on for 30 minutes, and the top off for 25.   What did I get?    Well it looks a bit like a three pound muffin.  

with an extremely blistery top:

and the lightest feathery texture I've ever managed to produce.


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KA All Purpose or KA Bread Flour

March 22, 2010 - 11:31am -- TimM

Reading Peters Bread Baking Apprentice and notice the man says use Bread Flour. Then on page 29 he gets into gluten percentages. > 11.5% gluten = bread. < is AP

1. I am newer than new to all this bread stuff. Enjoying TFL as I read/learn.

2. Have the ingredients, tools etc to begin (sort of)

3. Decided to use KA flours to start.

4. King Arthur AP is approx 11.5 % gluten and KA Bread flour is approx 12.5%.

Q: for the formulas in the BBA, which King Arthur flour should I use.


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