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Julia Child

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Do you love cooking shows?  Ever noticed a difference in the way cooking shows present what it is to cook?  Are they the Julia Child types that lightheartledly take hammers to meat and throw a little wine into the pot because "heck, it was already in my hand!"  Or do they precisely measure things and triple-check for accuracy like on "America's Test Kitchen?"

Read about my thoughts on this dramatic stylistic choice and how it impacts bread baking in my lastest blog, hosted here:

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Rx for the uptight, perfectionist baker

November 9, 2009 - 10:38pm -- dmsnyder

I just viewed a video of Julia Child making Tarte Tatin. This was a 1971 broadcast of The French Chef TV program.

Now, Tarte Tatin is a favorite of mine, but my reason for pointing you all to this video is Julia's performance. I won't say more. Just see for yourself.



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It all just started making sense....

February 20, 2008 - 9:01am -- foolishpoolish

OK at the risk of seeming like a bit of a loon...but I thought I'd share my thoughts...

I was watching the Julia Child video(s) for french bread (with Danielle Forrestier)...and it all just started making sense. 

It wasn't the techniques being demonstrated as such, although they are very valuable in their own right.  

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