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Light cheesecake lost

October 8, 2012 - 7:21am -- cjc

Please help - about 2-3 weeks ago I was reading an old post I think about 2010 that was an exchange between I think someone in Texas and a Japanese lady.  The post was about bread, but she also had a receipe for an awesome sounding cheesecake.  It called for a 6x3 springform pan.  Now that I bought the pan, I can't find the post!  Any help appreciated!

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Greetings from a small kitchen in Japan

October 22, 2008 - 2:46am -- teroli

Hi, I am very excited to join in The Fresh Loaf.

I've never seen such a fruitful community for bread baking in Japan!

I'm a Japanese woman, living in Mie pref.. Japan. Well......near Nagoya.

My baking days started in April, 2008. I am just a new comer in the bread baking.

Though I often fail in baking bread,  I really love it and enjoy it.

Now "No bread baking, No Life!" is becoming to be one of may favorite words.

 If you are interested in Japanese homemade bread, please visit my blog.

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