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Italian cookies

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Fagottini d'Albicocca(Jam Pockets)

December 22, 2011 - 5:53pm -- linder

Today, I baked one of my favorite cookies, Fagottini d'Albicocca, jam pockets with apricot jam in them.  The dough for the cookies is a delicate pasta frolla with lemon and vanilla extracts.  The recipe is from Franco Galli's cookbook - The Il Fornaio Baking Book, lots of good Italian recipes here. 

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Italian Little Taralle Cookies (Taralluces)

December 9, 2011 - 2:09pm -- linder

Christmas baking continues today with taralluces - little taralle cookies.  My Grandmother Rinaldi used to make these and taught my Mom how to make them.  Mom would make them for special occasions like Christmas.  The recipe is pretty straight forward.  The hardest part is getting the cookies shaped prior to baking because the dough is rather sticky and requires a quick and steady well-floured hand to roll a small 'snake' of dough and tie in a knot.  Here's a picture of the shaped cookies prior to baking -

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It is natural to consider that Ricotta and almonds would be married together into a delicious soft biscotti flavored with almond oil. Almond ricotta biscotti are delicate cookies but with an intense aroma. We always include it on a “Torta di Biscotto di Nozze” because they are so perfect for a biscotti wedding cake.  It is the almond oil that gives these cookies that lovely warm almond flavor.

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