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Where to get coarsely ground soft wheat flour in Australia? For Irish 'brown bread' (soda bread).

August 23, 2012 - 8:41pm -- Farmer Elly


I'm in Brisbane, Australia. Wondering if anyone knows where I might source coarse milled whole wheat flour milled from soft wheat (soft red winter wheat would be great). I'm trying to find out for my mum who misses the real Irish brown bread (soda bread made with whole wheat flour). I'm a sourdough baker so soft wheat is new to me.

I've seen that King Arthur sell flour especially for this purpose, but can't see that it's stocked anywhere in Australia. I don't think they ship this far either (well at a price I can afford anyway).

Any ideas?

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Failte from Ireland

January 7, 2010 - 3:41am -- TheIrishBaker

Just found this site and thrilled with what I've read so far - already learned quite a lot.


A little about me - a IT junkie who likes to bake bread as an escape from day-to-day life.  Started out making Irish Soda bread which has to be the easiest bread to make and have progressed, largely through trial and error, into all sorts of breads and sweet deserts.  I blog infrequently on http;//


No bread machine or mixer - do it all by hand; kneading is therapeutic!


Looking forward to learning loads.


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Dublin whole grain bread

March 24, 2009 - 6:53am -- snailthenmoons

I have a friend from Liverpool who loves to visit Ireland when he journeys back home.  He speaks fondly of a dark, whole grain bread he enjoys there that is popular in Dublin.  As he describes it, it is a yeast bread that is only mildly sweet.  I've searched for "Irish bread recipes" to no avail... Does anyone have any ideas?

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Irish Batch Loaf

February 13, 2009 - 3:55am -- peckerdunne

Any recipes for batch bread (or batch loaf) as made in Ireland.

AFAIK its known as Plain Bread in Scotland so probably different names around the world.

Its got a hard and dark top-crust. Baked in batches so soft at sides. Here's the best picture I could find on the web.

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Today I made Norm's recipe for Irish Soda Bread. Discussion here and elsewhere has me convinced that his Americanized version is more appropriately called Spotted Dog.

Norm's Spotted Dog (Soda Bread)
Norm's Spotted Dog (Soda Bread)

I made 4 loaves. Two loaves were in 7" cake pans, but I used 1 lb 5 oz of dough instead of Norm's suggested 1 lb and 2 oz. The other two were in square pans a little larger and I guesstimated 1 lb 10 oz each. Otherwise I followed Norm's formula to the letter. Mixing was done by first mixing the shortening with the flour, and then adding the remaining dry ingredients, mixing again, and finally the buttermilk and water. I did this by hand using a dough whisk. Since I had 4 pans in the oven at the same time I baked at 350 convection (my oven's thermostat is on the low side so this is not as bad as it seems). Towards the end I even cranked it up to 375F convection to get some more browning. Start to finish (cooling time not included) a little over 1 hour.

Norm's Spotted Dog (Soda Bread) Crumb
Norm's Spotted Dog (Soda Bread) Crumb 

Never made this before, nor tasted it before. The crumb came out really nice and soft, but I think it could have used a little more raisins. Tasted delicious with a little (lot) of butter on top! Thanks Norm. 




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