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Caramel squares

August 3, 2010 - 9:05pm -- pattycakes

Hello, bakers,

I was in Ireland a couple of weeks ago, where the caramel squares are available everywhere. We had one very memorable variation, which had a rather dry filling, almost like a peanut butter filling texture, but without the peanutbutter, I think. All the other varieties had gooey caramel. For those who have never had them, they are a shortbread base with a layer of caramel over them, topped with melted chocolate.

Very delicious, and having come home to make the gooey variety, I would like to find the dry kind. Anyone have a recipe?

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Hi - I'm a long-time lurker and even longer lover of baking and everything to do with baking. I live in Ireland (moved here from the US about 15 years ago) and love it here, but amazingly, what I've found is that there aren't many bakeries here, compared to how many there used to be.

I write the above as a preface to my asking for some advice from any Irish bakers out there, or any Irish bakery owner or worker in an Irish bakery.

I would dearly love to open my own bakery right here in this relativey small village I live in (County Sligo/County Mayo area), but because I am a home baker with a true and life-long passion for baking, I realise that going from baking batch loaves, soda bread, scones, muffins, pies, tarts, biscuits/cookies for family and friends and bake sales is a completely different thing altogether than running/owning/opening my own bakery.

I'm hopng that there might be someone reading this, who lives in Ireland, who might be able to help me or advise me as to the very basics or pros and cons of even considering such a venture. I've read on one of the many wonderful and extremely informative TFL forums a couple of months back about someone (I think her name is Christie) whose love of baking led her to ask for advice on the same thing as I am asking/considering here, but the difference is that I'm in Ireland, which is why I'm looking specifically for someone living in Ireland or an Irish bakery owner if they could offer even a few helpful and/or cautionary words of advice (and/or encouragement).

Thanks very much in advance. I just hope I wasn't rabbitting on too much or worse, offered too little or have too vague. I'm hopeful and excited and motivated, but I'm also a bit anxious and, if truth be told, worried that although it has been a long-time dream of mine to become a baker and one day own and run my own small bakery and/or bakery cafe, that it might be a dream that's likely to turn into a nightmare.





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Failte from Ireland

January 7, 2010 - 3:41am -- TheIrishBaker

Just found this site and thrilled with what I've read so far - already learned quite a lot.


A little about me - a IT junkie who likes to bake bread as an escape from day-to-day life.  Started out making Irish Soda bread which has to be the easiest bread to make and have progressed, largely through trial and error, into all sorts of breads and sweet deserts.  I blog infrequently on http;//


No bread machine or mixer - do it all by hand; kneading is therapeutic!


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Bakery Job in Kildare, Ireland

November 2, 2009 - 2:46am -- scottbalaam

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are well ... I hope you don't mind me posting an ad .... I am looking for an experienced Bread Baker in Ireland.

I really like this site, all the best.

Kildare Bread Baker

Our client is an established of Retailer with a number of established stores throughout Dublin. They are seeking to recruit an experienced Baker for their store in The West Dublin region:

You will be responsible for:

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