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noob question

April 13, 2013 - 8:27pm -- chihuachsund

Ok so I'm just really getting into breadmaking.  Up until now, I've been building prowess as a grill master.  But I have always loved bread.  I have been making yeast rolls and soft pretzels and Italian bread and pizzas. thinking of trying a naan recipe in my bonappetite magazine

I'm just looking for some kind of reference as to what different ingredients do to bread.   Like eggs, salt (to little?,too much? other than flavor), milk,butter, buttermilk,oil, sugar, (other suggestions)

Thanks in advance!

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Recent member with "pantry" questions

July 22, 2012 - 11:52am -- beevo

I found the group a  while back searching for information on repairing my 40's vintage Hobart N50.

While the mixer is still spread all over the workbench, waiting for cooler weather to work on it I immersed myself into the site and started making bread again.  And bread that is much prettier and interesting than most of my previous efforts.  I have a steady stream of requests for loaves of my Caraway/Pumpernickel and Italian Crusty breads, so I must be doing something right.

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There is a Sourdough movement going on in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.
All The Fresh Loafers should look at "Sourdough Baker" website for different ways of making sourdough.

I am working my way through some of Warwick's everyday breads. I especially like the convenience of the "old dough method".
The "porridge" method is very successful.
The ideas for beginning and maintaining starters make this easy.
The delayed salt method is of value to all wild yeast bakers.
The story of the formation and demise of the Sourdough Cafe is below.

The translation of the French word “artisanat” to “craft” in English barely does it justice. In French, it refers to the practice of a handmade craft, usually anchored in tradition, like ceramics or woodworking but the word also begins with “Art” giving artisans and artists a common root and a shared passion for what they produce. While bread-making may not technically qualify as art, Warwick Quinton certainly deserves the title of “artisan” and if his beautifully golden sourdough bread wasn’t so tasty, you might even be tempted to frame it and hang it on your wall.

Warwick’s passion for sourdough started with a girl who was yeast intolerant. Armed with John Downe’s “The Natural Tucker Bread Book”, he soon started baking his own naturally fermented sourdough. The girl came and went but the sourdough stayed and evolved into a series of businesses, from Sydney to the Blue Mountains and until recently, in Newcastle, as the popular Sourdough Baker Cafe on Hunter Street, renown for its honest breakfasts, good coffee and of course, the warm and crusty loaves always fresh out of the custom-made oven, affectionately known as “Bertha”.

The cafe was conceived as a “community enterprise”, a business owned, controlled and used by the members of the community. The bakery and cafe, along with Warwick’s blog, his website and a series of regular workshops have built a strong fan base among Novocastrians, on both sides of the counter, as customers and apprentice bakers.

A couple of months ago, the Sourdough Baker Cafe “came up against the perfect storm” as Warwick describes it. “Bertha”, originally built as a prototype started showing signs of fatigue, the shop’s ventilation system broke down and the rent became unmanageable. The absence of financial backing was the undoing of the much-loved cafe which reluctantly closed its doors after just 18 months in business.

“What emerged from that was this incredibly faithful following in Newcastle and we started using that group of people as a sounding board for ideas.” One of those ideas is the “Village Bakery”, Warwick’s latest social enterprise. The concept is simple. People subscribe to a weekly delivery of freshly baked sourdough bread delivered to their homes every Saturday. After only a few weeks, the Village Bakery already has 50 subscribers all over Newcastle.

In addition, Warwick is still running his regular and very popular sourdough workshops from the new kitchen in Newcastle West. In one day, you will “cover all the basics of sourdough breadmaking and ‘sole baking’ techniques for home breadmakers, from beginners to advanced” and take your own bread home.

Whether you like your bread delivered to your door, made with your own hands or have it with coffee and baked beans, you have plenty of options for how to get your sourdough but what you get hasn’t really changed at all, “just sourdough, nothing else and getting as close to perfection as possible using the simplest technology to do it.” Spoken like a true artisan.

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Opinion on a few flours?

November 1, 2011 - 1:19am -- cranbo

So I've made a connection thru a local restaurant that should help me get access to bulk flours. I'm definitely going to buy 1 50lb bag of GM Harvest King Flour, but I'm interested on any opinions on the following flours:

  • Giusto All Purpose Enriched Unbleached Flour
  • Pendleton Power high-gluten
  • GM Rye Flour

Any feedback appreciated, thanks in advance folks. 

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Ingredient List for TFL Bakers

A previous blog:

If you are one of the TFL members already on my Applications list, new application was already sent to you. If you are not on that list, and could use a free spreadsheet calculator for determining the Calories, Grams, and Ounces for the amounts you enter on any of 155 existing ingredients entries, as well as the option for you to edit the existing information, and space for you to add to the list in any of the 45 remaining blank slots, then you might want to look at the sample PDF file, which I placed on Google Doc:

I generate many programs for my own needs. If they seem like others might find them of use, I have been placing them in Public Domain and sending copies to those that have previously requests any of those that I have given copies to in the past.

If, after looking at the PDF example of the spreadsheet, and if you have Open-Office, or Excel, then I will e-mail you copies, if you request them. To do so, simply e-mail me with " TFL Apps " as the Subject Line. That is all you need do, I will e-mail you copies, and add you to the list. The list is only for these free applications, and updates, etc. I maintain the list myself and for no other purpose. I will also remove your name at anytime request me to do so, with no reason necessary to be given.

You can e-mail me at:



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