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happy fornicalia

February 17, 2013 - 6:01am -- JoshuaFinancial

February 17 was the Roman festival of fornicalia,  dedicated to Fornax,  the Roman goddess of ovens.  Bakers draped garlands over the mouths of their ovens,  prayers and offerings were made to ensure a prosperous wheat crop. ( Hamelman Bread 2nd ed. p 38)

While I am far from pagan, I found it amusing and wonderful and appropriate that there should be a holiday specifically built around ovens,  bread,  and the bakers who love them. 

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We always have some Italian dishes during our holidays. Whether it is Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve or Easter, there is always ravioli on our table as a first dish. We would set up an assembly line with all of us pitching in to make hundreds of them before Thanksgiving so that we could have them for Christmas also. They freeze very well, but don’t ever defrost them before cooking them, just put them into a large amount of salted boiling water directly from the freezer.“the-old-country”/

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Bread for the Holidays

December 22, 2008 - 8:51am -- cdnDough

I'm keen to see what everyone else is baking for the holidays this year.

My wife figures my bread is now good enough that we can have it on Christmas.  Her family is Swiss and usually buys quite an assortment of breads for breakfast on Christmas morning.  Attached is a photo of day one's baking ... 2 pain au levan, 2 pecan & cherry pain au levain, and a batch of Mark's Portuguse Sweet Rolls.  Day two (tomorrow) is a whole wheat sourdough, rye and challah.

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