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Holes in top of whole wheat dough

August 4, 2012 - 5:21pm -- lpenney77

Relatively new to bread making. I have become fixated on making a whole wheat sandwich loaf, and this is the second time I have tried a similar recipe. The taste is good, 80% whole wheat with a little honey and some oats. Both times I have made it though, the loaf isn't smooth on top. It gets holes. Is this a sign that it is over proofing? Or is it possibly too little kneading? Something else?

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Failing miserably at big holes/open crumb

December 16, 2009 - 3:00pm -- leafmuncher

I have been baking bread for about six months now, so I'm still a complete noobie, but really enjoying myself. I've been making Reinhart's San Francisco sourdough a lot, and I've recently tried his Ciabatta (in the Apprentice book) a few times.

I cook in an electric oven, weigh all my ingredients, have used KAF and most recently the high gluten Giusto's.

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Hello everyone on the Fresh Loaf!  I am a fairly new baker, having just started late last year.  I quickly got hooked on making bread, since I love the taste and smell of fresh bread!  Since then I became slightly obsessed and was so happy to find this website! 

I have baked a few recipes here on the site, and they have all come out so well!  I got very excited to see the post on “big holes” in breads, as that is the sort of texture and look that I want!  I bought a sourdough starter from KAF that I have used since Dec., but I only bake the recipe that it came with, hah!  So I thought I would venture into something else.  I tried the “Italian Bread” recipe that was posted here, and it came out beautiful!  Yesterday I thought I would try it again, since my fiancé is a fan of it! ^_^  I let the preferment sit overnight, and in the morning I had a quite large, bubbly  bowl of goodness to work with! I got started on the dough, it was very very wet, something I have not worked with before.  I must have done something different from last time, heh.  After kneading and mixing, I thought I was going to go insane because I couldn’t get it to form, it was so sticky, etc… but I stuck it out and what I ended up with was EXACTLY what I wanted!  I was very nervous to cut the bread, so I had my fiancé do it, and I was shocked! Well worth the work!  It might not be shaped the best, but it sure does taste the best!!!!!

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