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Hobart c100 Owners Question

January 29, 2012 - 7:40am -- tjated

Hello all. I have a Hobart c100 and am trying know more about it. First, some background. I bought it from ebay two years ago. It was in a bit rough shape, but came with the latest service records where it was disassembled and regreased. Since it was already repainted in a two-tone color, I completed stripped it down to metal, cleaned, and repainted it. I also replaced the original I can't believe they made it with that originally.

Here it is:

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Hoabrt Mixer S-601

June 9, 2011 - 1:24pm -- cj_bravo

The Summer Camp I'm working at has a Hobart mixer S-601, really old, the regional office says it's been obsolete for about 40 years, it still works, but I don't know the routine maintenance I should perform- oil change and such...
So what kind of maintenance should I do and how?

thanks a lot, CJ.

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Hobart N50 versus A120 - real world capacities?

March 19, 2011 - 8:06pm -- breadman_nz

OK - so Ihave the option of picking up a used Hobart N50 G (older model) or a used 12 quart A120. I currently own and enjoy a DLX2000, but want to try planetary, and have a bit of a collector's mentality - can't help it!

After searching for "N50" and pretty much reading every post on TFL, I'm curious as to your real world experiences with an N50 in terms of capacity. I'd rather have "more than I need now" so I can expand operations if need be. I usually do 1-2kg batches of bread doughs including 100% wholemeal (but not wholegrain or rye - yet).

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Just joined the site.  I have recently killed my kitchen aid mixer.  Walked away from it with too much dough in it.  Well when I came back, the kitchen was full of smoke and the mixer was d-e-a-d.  So I have been looking around for new ones.  Almost bought a Bosch after borrowing a friend's then read about the Globe 5qt and thought that sounded good.   So in true American overkill I came across a deal I couldn't pass up.  I happened upon an old Hobart a200t, 20 qt mixer- for FREE.  So I took it. It works.  Have to get a bread hook but figure I will use this space as a diary of sorts and see how it goes.  Really just writing to myself since I came across this space but if anyone has suggestions, I welcome them.  I've been a 5qt baker for a while and have many questions but will dive into this new situation with my usual ignorance.  I seem to like learning the hard way.  


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